The following may explain.


Logic is bought and sold. It is a whore, like one you've never seen before. Driving by, through the cracks in your windowshield, through the dirt. You have to drive up to her, to get a closer look. And even then she fools you. In bed she's the ugliest son of a bitch. And this foul-mouthed, foul- smelling encounter turns you on like nothing ever did. She promises herself to you forever. You're caught paralyzed. A dumb-fuck.

So this is what I see.

A blue sky and birds, hundreds of them flapping their wings, tiny tiny wings, but making such a racket, it hurts my ears.

We're losing the imagination. I see it overhead. Flying away with the flock.

My neighbor's kid is afraid I might be a pervert.

My dogs eat glass. It doesn't seem to bother them.