is something that shakes you from the inside out,
something you have no control over,
something reflexive and brutal and shattering.


is a realization of a truth that you can only explain in



We have read the words of the interred written in youthful blood.
Provoking HATRED when bright red they now weep arthritic wisdom
onto heads,
sleeping without dreaming.


The forceful creative dynamic life stabs into unknown potential, slashing revelations at each backward glance. We know only by exploring what we cannot know. We know only to the degree we abandon the search for knowledge and adopt a passion for experiment.

We discover our "SELF" in the intuitive act of reaching spontaneously for what attracts us. Action is judgement; we must judge. An AESTHETIC inevitably forms, freely and beautifully if unimpeded, or warped and deformed if artificially restricted -- but it will form whether welcomed or not.


A true, personal AESTHETIC is a dynamic, continuously evolving concept of "SELF"in the active pursuit


as revealed and explored through AUTOMATISM

A true, personal AESTHETIC is the natural enemy of all mediated social constructions.
It is the natural enemy of collective morality.
It is the natural enemy of religion.
It is the natural enemy of political systems.
It is the natural enemy of the status-quo.
It is the natural enemy of labels.
It is the natural enemy of



"the appalling contrast between the possible constructions of life and its present poverty."


We allow no place for the stagnating orthodoxy of tsetse flies breeding in encephalitic pools, or proxy pontification, permitting and encouraging the masquerading marauders of all hallows eve -- the ghosts of religion, now shamelessly visible in public spaces meant to attract living organisms.

The very fact that such toxic banality goes unchallenged is evidence of a dangerously creeping
catatonic gangrene.
This passivity enrages us, while excuses inspire our disgust.

A posture of victimization demands aggressive attack.


Barrett John Erickson  -  Wm. Dubin  -  Celine Myers

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